I so totally thought I rocked the whole mommying thing this morning, we even made it out the door 5 minutes early, I had my bag, Noah had his bag and it was clean sailing to Mcdonalds to pick up Noahs daily breakfast burrito. We got to daycare, Noah kicks his boots off and only had one sock on. I shook my head gave him a hug and walked out the door still feeling pretty good about my super mommying abilities, I mean hey, if that’s the ONLY thing we forgot today we are still rocking it YEAH me !! I got to work determined to dive in and push through the pile on my desk. About 11 my belly started to rumble and I reached down into my bag and fumbled around trying to find my lunch, no luck, I picked it up , opened it looked in, dumped it upside down and nothing, just a bag full of sales receipts, non winning lottery tickets, gum wrappers and action figures, it seems my lunch just disappeared. I decided to plow through a bit more work and then go down to my car, I was guessing it was probably just sitting on my seat. I got to my car and rummaged through the pile of ice coffee cups, toys, books, a pile of packages that needed to go to the post office and guess what ?! No lunch ! I remembered putting in my bag !!  Mysterious ! I headed to the post office on my lunch break and stopped for another ice coffee..it would just have to do.  With all that said my day has been good ! Its because I have a secret, a big secret , it could be good it could be  REAL good, it could be not so good but on this side of the secret is SOOOOO Exciting !! I walked in to meltdown central from work tonight  but even that couldn’t get me down ! This life in this tiny house, with my kiddo on the spectrum, with a God who is always in my corner is always full of surprises mostly unexpected. What’s my secret ? I’m not ready to tell yet but if you stay tuned long enough on this journey with us you are bound to find out no matter what happens !! I’m off to unplug my toilet.  Talk to you all soon  !!!

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