The sweet smell of success !!

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Busy weekend here ! Saturday Noah was determined to go to the Halloween parade her in town so I painted his little face up in a attempt to look like the Grinch and off we went. We got there and before us were crowds of kids dressed in costumes, Noah was just squealing with joy.

We joined the parade of costumes and walked down the main street stopping at each little store front where store owners waited with big bowls of candy for the kids. We made our way through the whole parade route with out a hitch. As we were walking I was talking to another mom and she told me about a trunk and treat up the road a bit that would be starting in an hour. Noah and I climbed back into the car and decided to got to Walmart to kill some time while we were waiting. We went in and I picked up Noah and put him in the grocery cart, as he just feels safer in the cart in Walmart . As we walked around Walmart Noah was singing away as this lady pasted us and smiled and commented on Noahs makeup. A short time later we pasted the same lady and smiled again. We headed for the tool isle and there the same lady is again . This time she walked up and introduced herself as Midge of Midges Theater. She said she had been listening to Noah sing, loved his little voice and would love the chance to work with him.  How cool was that ? Yesterday it was back to business, so out came the skill saw, time to finally get the stairs to my loft finished, Jay had already built them and left them outside last week, all I had to do is trim them down to fit and install the railings on the opening in the loft. I wish I could say it went without a hitch but a combination of my limited carpentry skills a few bashed fingers and a dull blade on my skill saw became the source of a few meltdowns (me this time) BUT IT DID GET DONE !! I spent the rest of the afternoon singing “I am woman hear me roar!! ” . HA ! At any rate I absolutely love the placement of the ladder and I and FINALLY happy with it after moving it 4 times ! Check them out !

After that I did some weatherization projects and made a stuffed cabbage soup in my crockpot. Feeling pretty accomplished.

Have a good evening folks !

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